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Essential tips for party feet

If you’re attending a function this summer don’t forget your feet! Having hidden your feet in enclosed shoes all winter the chances are they will be in desperate need of a little TLC!

Summer is the season for weddings, garden parties, barbecues and holidays, so your feet need to be ready for the change in footwear, long hours standing and exposure. You don’t want to be embarrassed by dry, cracked heels or thick, discoloured toenails.

Read the latest tips to get your feet summer ready…


Test the fit and comfort of new shoes in the afternoon, when your feet are usually at their worst. Look at your feet in them and ask yourself, ‘do my heels sit nicely in the shoe or are they hanging over?’ Can you walk comfortably?

Remember, close fitting, synthetic materials don’t allow for moisture to evaporate, so avoid them if you have sweaty feet. Opt instead for open-toed sandals to allow the air to circulate. Wear your new shoes for an hour or two prior to the event to check for areas of rub and take gel pads or dressings with you just in case.


The skin on your feet is 12 x thicker than the rest of your body so use a good quality urea based foot cream to nourish and hydrate your skin. If you have cracked heels you can try the ‘wet sock, dry sock’ home remedy and remember to use urea based foot creams to be most effective. Do this weekly until your heels are smooth then continue using your foot cream every day.


Start every week by filing your feet, always on a dry foot to ensure an even amount is taken off and you do not tear the delicate skin.


For thickened nails it is advisable to seek professional advice regarding treatment. Depending on the cause will determine the most effective treatment. Your big toenail is more susceptible to thickening and ridges due to pressure which is perfectly normal. Using a nail buffer will smooth the nail and ensure nail polish adheres to it and lasts longer. After cutting your toenails, gently file the corners smooth to prevent sharp edges pressing into toes.


If you find you need extra help getting your feet ready, why not book a podiatry appointment to address issues of dryness, dehydration, hard skin, thickened nails, infected nails, and skin infections.

On May 2, 2019