Randell's Footcare

8 Penfold street Norwich NR116ET

About Randell's Footcare

Randell’s Footcare is Norfolk’s largest Chiropody and Podiatry Practice with eight accredited clinics throughout the county.  It was founded by husband and wife team, Steve and Karen Randell in 2004, and has grown over the years as the demand for good podiatry has grown.

All of our Podiatrists have completed a minimum of 3 years at University, and are HCPC registered. Our clinics are all accredited by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, a lengthy process which has to be completed every two years. We have both male and female clinicains, and a number of our clinics are open on Saturdays, as we aim to accommodate all preferences.  We also offer a home visit service when clients are house bound.

We now have a team of 8 Podiatrists and 3 Podiatry Assistants, offering a full range of Podiatry Services. These include but are not limited to; the routine cutting of nails and removal of callus and corns; nail surgey for the permanent relief of ingrowing toenails; Swift - the latest clinically proven treatment for verrucaes; and full biomechanical assessment with bespoke orthotics. We also offer specialist diabetic footcare, including measuring the cirulation of blood to the feet using a doppler scanner. 

We are continually reviewing and updating our equipment, employing the latest technology where it has been clinically proven to be effective.



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